Our Story

A group of strong and deeply dedicated Bedford residents began a capital campaign in 2006 to raise the funding necessary to build Bedford Hospice House. Many wonderful friends and donors supported this campaign, and $1.6 million was successfully raised. Bedford Hospice House opened in August 2011.

Unfortunately, the licensing to operate as a hospice house did not come through, and Bedford Hospice House was forced to close in December 2012. It remained vacant, but maintained, over 3.5 years.

But in 2016, Centra and the Bedford Hospice House Board of Directors reached an agreement for Centra to own and operate Bedford Hospice House and reopen it as a true hospice house. Bedford Hospice House reopened in January 2017!

For more information about Centra’s hospice services, please click here. You can also find more information on Centra’s Facebook page.

The Bedford Hospice House nonprofit entity is now the Friends of Bedford Hospice House, and its mission is to provide financial and volunteer support for Centra Bedford Hospice House, in order to keep this wonderful hospice facility open in the Bedford community. You may contact us at Friends of Bedford Hospice House * P.O. Box 985 * Bedford, VA 24523.



Our Board of Directors


Elizabeth A. “Libby” Berry

Jim Chidester

Tim Childress

Dana Garrett, RN, BSN, CHPN

Kim Kirsch, RN

Jeffrey Kornblum, MD

Marsha Melton

Debbie Morin

John Owen

Nicole Sheppard

Anne Soukhanov

Jim Stanley

Daniel Temeles, MD

Retta Watkins

Frank West

Amy Merrill Willis, PhD


Our Advisory Council


Linda Beahm, MD

R.A. Bolling

Linda Brown, RN

Constance Messier

Randy Patterson

Don Shilling

Barry G. Slaughter

Jacqueline Wente